About live casinos

By 22 July 2021

Live casinos are a recent phenomenon in the online gaming world. You get nearly the same gambling experience on these casinos ( 1-online-casinocanada ) as in the regular gambling parlours. Playing on live online casinos can be fun, but you should know how they work before you lay your first real money bet. In a live real money casino, you play live versions of roulette, baccarat, blackjack or any other game that involves a dealer. Please continue reading this gambling guide.

Chat with dealers

The mos important feature of any live casino that you can chat with the dealer real time. This isn't possible in any other online casino, and that is why live casinos attract so many gamblers. You can exchange notes with your dealer through your mobile phone, tablet or computer. However, some make sure that you have an active and stable internet connection at all times. You won't like your connection to fall through while you are enjoying your live game, would you?

  • Always play on licenced online casinos.

You don't have to be a passive participant in your live casino. If you think something is amiss, speak with your dealer immediately. Not satisfied with his response? Go directly to the pit boss and voice your concern. Please note that most live dealer games are produced by some of the best online gaming providers in the world. These names include Evolution Gaming, Amatic, etc. Therefore, don't worry, your live casino is not only exciting, it is perfectly safe as well.

Can you play live dealer games for free? The answer, unfortunately, is No. Since these games cost a lot of money, casino operators would like you to make some deposit for playing these games. However, you can watch other people play live dealer games on your casino. Bet sizes start from $1 or so, therefore, you will find these games inexpensive as well. There is a word of caution, though. Avoid casinos that are unreviewed and untested. Have a safe gambling experience.

Now we come to the question of bonuses and mobile gaming. A lot many gambling websites offer attractive bonuses to their players for just trying out these games. If you receive a bonus or two, don't turn down that offer. You can also play live dealer games on your mobile phone or desktop. However, make sure that your device has enough space to support your casino. You should also have a strong internet connection to enjoy your live dealer games.